ABRUPTO® was born from the contrast, its creative director JAVIER PAVEZ, entitled Industrial Design, although always motivated by Fashion, is interested in the shoe trade through his grandmother and mother linked to the field since 1962 in Valparaíso. Subsequently, he studies shoe design and begins to gain experience and inspiration from the nature of such a city to start building the brand.

It emerges as an alternative to Chilean footwear, proposing more daring, colorful and geometric designs for men and women with style and security in what they wear.

is irreverent, generated by the imperfect and unique of people. Born for freedom and a look in the future collecting inspiration from punk, nature and fun.

Our shoes are made of leather and handmade in Valparaíso because we prefer to make a shoe that lasts longer than a disposable one, in addition we use the value of fair trade with our team of master shoemakers and collaborators.